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Crafting Your Way To Better Wellbeing

Looking to relieve stress? Consider crafting! From improving self-esteem to promoting positive thoughts, creative expression can help you feel mentally nourished. Creativity can work as a tonic, as our brains thrive on the feel-good chemicals it releases. Hands-on activities — such as knitting, painting, sculpting, and other pastimes — can improve your mood as you create… Read More Crafting Your Way To Better Wellbeing

Cancer, Food / Nutrition

Chemotherapy and Your Diet

Being the literal lifesaver it is, chemotherapy also comes with its own side effects, especially ones affecting your appetite and sense of taste. This is especially important because maintaining a healthy diet is essential to your fight against cancer. Your diet affects your ability to maintain strength to fend off infections while you’re at your frailest.… Read More Chemotherapy and Your Diet

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How Tough Conversations Can Benefit Your Relationship

Conversations are the basis of our relationships. We form friendships and bonds through connecting with similarities — or differences — in our communication. Oftentimes, fruitful conversations will strengthen the bonds with our partners, if done correctly. They’re necessary to discover how one another is changing and to keep the bond strong as the relationship grows.