I often receive messages asking me where I purchase my supplements and herbs. To save us both time I have added this resources page. When I discover new merchants who have good prices and fair shipping rates I will add them to the list.

Online Merchants

I have purchased from all of the merchants listed below and had good experiences. I hope you will too. (If you have any issues with these merchants don’t hesitate to let me know.)

iHerb is where I buy most of my nutrition supplements.

Penn Herb Co. is where I buy most of my herbs. They don’t carry everything I use, but they carry most. Also, you get a lot of choice size wide. If you don’t need a whole pound of bulk herbs you can save quite a bit on price and shipping; both are quite fair.

Mountain Rose Herbs is where I buy herbs I can’t find anywhere else. They have great service and quality, unfortunately, their shipping can be very pricey for even a small package. I usually wait until I need to place a large order when I purchase it here. It saves $$ on shipping.