Privacy Policy

Holistic Health & Living is a Sky’s Limit website and, as such, shares the same privacy policy that Sky’s Limit abides by, which is as follows:

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“It is the long-standing policy of Sky’s Limit to never share the data gathered from customers and website visitors regardless of how said data was gathered. This means we do not share customer/visitor surveys, purchasing information, nor sell or trade mailing lists (snail or e-mail).

“We at Sky’s Limit value your individual privacy as we do our own, which is why we also never ‘spam’ those on our mailing lists. If you receive an e-mail from us, it will be because you have either requested the information sent or you answered a survey and we wish to assure you that your responses were received. Any information requested from our customers/visitors in a survey will be used for the sole benefit of improving our company’s services and offerings, which of course benefits you.

“If you submit information to one of our affiliates/advertisers, we cannot guarantee that they share our philosophy on the subject of personal privacy and corporate discretion, so always read a company’s privacy policy before sharing personal information with them. Many companies supplement their income by selling their mailing lists.”

Cookie Collection Policy

You have the ability to opt-out of cookie collection/monitoring on Holistic Health & Living (HH&L); just click “Reject” to prevent cookie collection. However, if you agree to cookie collection, your cookies will be used to help our advertisers select the ads that will be of greatest interest to you. Cookies collected on HH&L cannot be used to identify you. Also, cookies collected on previous visits to HH&L may be used by our advertisers to select ads that may still be of interest to you.

The only advertisers who have access to our cookies are…

  • Sovrn/Meridian
  • The Moneytizer

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy and Cookie Policies, you can email me, Andrea Lewis, at, or use my contact page.