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The Health Benefits of Coriander (video)

Coriander has been used as both food and medicine, in many cultures, for millennia. Discover why this herb and spice has been so admired throughout the ancient and modern worlds. Read the original article ‘Health Benefits of Coriander‘ for more information on this health-promoting plant. This video featured the music score “Retreat” by Jason Farnham… Read More The Health Benefits of Coriander (video)

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Green Tea Versus Cancer (video)

Green tea has been proven to effectively inhibit cancer growth, in study after study, for more than 20 years. Watch to learn what scientists have to say on the subject. Read the article ‘Green Tea: Metabolic Enhancer, Life Extender, Cancer Eradicator?‘ for more information on green tea. Enchanted Valley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under… Read More Green Tea Versus Cancer (video)