Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Seed Oil

Often claimed as a nutritious “superfood”, hemp seed oil has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. Although, the oil has sparked a larger interest in the past decade, especially with the recent boom in the CBD industry. 


Herbs 101: How to Select and Use Herbs Safely (video)

Using herbs safely is simple, and really only requires a bit of patience, willingness to learn, and common sense. Learn more about this topic by reading the original article ‘Herbs 101: How to Select and Use Herbs Safely‘. Use search to find detailed information on individual herbs.

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Vata Balancing in Fall & Winter

When the leaves change colors, fall from their branches, and drift away across the landscape, we are witnessing Vata in nature – the energy of movement. When the summer flowers finish their lifespan, become dry and rough, and return to the earth as primary elements we can understand the Vata characteristic of aging, cycling, and satisfying the grasp of time over matter.… Read More Vata Balancing in Fall & Winter