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Thinking of Becoming a Vegan? Read This First

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Would you like to adopt a plant-based diet? Confused about all the different types out there? Do you eat eggs and fish or cut out any product that originates from an animal? How do you make sure that you’re getting the nutrients that you need?

To make things more confusing, it’s not just the “Do I cut out all animal products?” question. Did you know that there are subsections within the vegan community? Some only eat raw foods. Others only eat low-fat food and so subsist mainly on fruit.

You’re probably wondering, “Is it even worth making the switch?” Aside from the health benefits, here’s something to think about seriously. If everyone was a vegan, we could reduce food-related CO2 emissions by 70%. That alone would make a positive impact on global warming. So is it worth switching over? If you’re serious about trying to save the planet, most definitely.

It’s also worthwhile for your own health. A vegan diet is naturally more varied and lower in saturated fat. It’s also good news for your budget. Buying fresh, unprocessed veggies can save you a ton of money when it comes to your groceries.

And, if you have the space, you can even grow your own. Then you get double points – you’re helping the environment and you’re also eating properly.

Still not sure how to get started? Then check out the infographic below. You’ll learn:

  • What vegans can and can’t eat
  • The sub-types of veganism
  • Health benefits of making the switch
  • Why people opt for a vegan lifestyle
  • The benefits for the environment
  • How fast veganism is growing in popularity
  • Current statistics on the growth of the vegan industry
  • Substitutes for animal products
  • The levels of veganism locally
  • The levels of veganism in the United States
  • Veganism in the United Kingdom
  • Projected trends going forward.

In short, reading the infographic gives you a crash course in veganism as it stands now and how it will change in the future. It’s the perfect jumping-off point for researching your new vegan lifestyle.

Tarun Reddy

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