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DIY Spider Repellent – My All-Natural Recipe

DIY Spider Repellent – My All-Natural Recipe_how to make spider repellent

To say I hate spiders would be a gross understatement. Those creepy, crawly, eight-legged, blood-sucking, toxin-injecting fiends have left me with bites that looked like third-degree burns TWICE since moving into my current home.

Unfortunately, both of these attacks happened at night while I slept (more than four years apart) so I wasn’t able to kill my assailants before or after the attack.

DIY Spider Repellant

The first spider attack was what inspired me to create this bug-repelling formula. The second attack is how I know you will have to continue using this spray regularly forever if you want to keep the heebeegeebees (aka spiders) away.

The ingredients:

  • Peppermint essential oil – 12 drops
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – 10 drops
  • Lemongrass herb – 1 tsp
  • Eucalyptus herb – 3 to 4 leaves
  • a heat resistant measuring cup (preferably with a spout)
  • one empty tea bag
  • an amber glass spray bottle (at least 4 oz.)
  • ½ cup Water
DIY Spider Repellent – My All-Natural Recipe_the ingredients


While you boil the water, place the lemongrass and eucalyptus leaves in the tea bag. When the water is ready, place the tea bag in the measuring cup and pour the hot water over it. Let it steep for at least 20 minutes, but you may steep it until it’s almost completely cooled.

After its steeped, remove the tea bag and squeeze, to release the remaining herbal infusion. Pour the infusion into the glass bottle (make sure the bottle is clean), then add the essential oils, replace the top, and gently shake the ingredients to mix thoroughly.

How to Use the Spider Repellent

You will find that this spider repellent works fairly quickly, so begin the application in a central location. This will allow the spiders in your home to scurry away from the starting area and out of your home as you move from room to room treating the beds, under tables, chairs, doorways and, eventually, the outer doors and windows.

Don’t be surprised if you see a large number of spiders running from the treated areas. I was shocked the first time I used this treatment. I witnessed at least five spiders running away, in the same direction, from my bedroom; but I’m still not sure which one left me with those burn mark like bites.


I learned the hard way that even after years of use you cannot simply stop using the repellent. Just because you no longer see spiders or their works – webs – doesn’t mean they are gone for good.

I used the recipe every week for years, then I made the mistake of thinking I didn’t have to worry anymore. Months went by with no issues then one Winter morning I awoke with a strangely tight and slightly numb feeling on my face; it was not painful, yet, just strange. I had my second burn-like spider bite. I have used my recipe faithfully once every single week since.


Will this recipe work for you? I believe so. However, I live in the Midwestern United States and you may live in an area with a variety of spiders less affected by the ingredients of this formula, which is why I cannot offer a guarantee of effectiveness.

It may also interest you to know that the recipe also repels mosquitoes and if sprayed directly on them can even kill. Also, if you wish to multiply the recipe and make large quantities you can add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the formula to help the infusion keep longer.

Good luck! If you use my recipe, please, let me know if it did or did not work for you. You can comment below or tweet me on Twitter.

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