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Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Headaches

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Headaches_eucalyptus essential oil

For years, I have used eucalyptus essential oil, alone and in combination with other oils, to treat muscle and joint aches/pains, but for headaches, I was loyal to peppermint. I had always used peppermint essential oil when the tea wasn’t working quickly enough, but on one occasion, a few months back, I had run out of peppermint oil and decided to try the eucalyptus.

If you’ve read my article Natural Cures for Headaches, you already know how to apply essential oil for headache relief. But if you haven’t, here it is:

“Dilute a drop or two in ½ tsp base oil (grapeseed is great) and massage this aromatherapy treatment into your temples and neck.”

With few exceptions, you should never use essential oils undiluted.

I should add that since I began using eucalyptus oil for tension headaches, I’ve researched its effect on hair and it seems that eucalyptus is considered useful for strengthening new hair growth (the mid-shaft and ends will not benefit) and improving blood flow to the scalp and follicles. Now, I occasionally apply eucalyptus oil all over my scalp, massaging it in for a few minutes. And, yes, I know that peppermint oil is considered an amazing hair growth treatment, but it made my scalp super tender when I used it as often as is required to see any hair growth results.

I’m not sure if it strengthened my roots, but it has always made my hair smell super refreshing and easier to detangle. Plus, (and this is the important part) since I began using eucalyptus as a scalp treatment, my tension headaches have become rare, even on the days when I don’t use it. I’m very grateful for this because my tension headaches had become much more frequent and painful – seeming to radiate from my neck and throbbing throughout my entire skull, following the sudden death of a family member in 2014.

The best thing about eucalyptus essential oil is that it, like peppermint, is safe, non-habit forming and very effective. It’s every bit as effective as peppermint essential oil for headaches. … In my experience. Also, whether you purchase it online or in your local health food store, you will find that peppermint essential oil usually costs about twice as much as eucalyptus essential oil. And if you’re thrifty, like me, you care very much about saving money.

I should also add that eucalyptus essential oil works faster than any pain medication I have ever taken in the past. Years ago, when I suffered from severe migraines before I discovered their true cause, I was put on heavy-duty pain killers, but not one of them worked as fast as eucalyptus essential oil (peppermint too). I am usually headache-free in 10 minutes or less. The pain pills usually took more than 30 minutes to work but keep in mind that I was having migraines and not tension headaches, so that may have played a part. In addition, the effect of the eucalyptus tends to last upwards of 6 hours, most of the time.

I should reiterate that while eucalyptus essential oil has been very fast and effective for my tension headaches, there’s no guarantee that it will work as quickly or as well for you. But it is safe (when used as directed), inexpensive, and easy to find, so you only have a few dollars to lose by giving it a try.

If you have used eucalyptus essential oil for headaches of any kind, post a comment and share your results.

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