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You and Quantum Entanglement

You and quantm entanglement_transference

Has anyone noticed the popularity of information regarding Quantum sciences over the past 5 or more years?  I will assume you have but if not just simply google the subject and you will find tons of related articles both scientific and not.  I have seen many of my fellow authors be criticized for even mentioning such things as quantum entanglement as pseudo-science and that it is entire nonsense.  However, certain quantum discoveries are not quackery. Perhaps the denial is that many still hold to the physical, material world as the foundation of existence, which is a more Newtonian perspective.

In this article, we are going to discuss, simply a quantum revelation, and pretty much-proven quantum entanglement and how it relates to you.

First of all, our body appears quite real, and if you pinch yourself, I’m sure you will feel it.  This physical body was built from something.  The cells are a basic level of any tissue but where did those cells come from.  As we go deeper we reach the atom but deeper still we come into a world of small particles that are only viewable with extremely powerful microscopes.  These particles are electrons, protons, neutrons, and photons.  

There are more particles at deeper microscopic levels.  Consider, that you take two particles, such as electrons, they become entangled.  You could separate them, put one on Earth and the other at the far reaches of the universe and they would demonstrate their connection or entanglement by for example the one on Earth spinning up and the one the other would spin down even though they are separated by vast distances.  

This is what Einstein could not believe until his last days.  He called it “Spooky action at a distance.”  Indeed, it seems exactly that.   The theory of quantum entanglement has been tested at the Delft University of Technology with highly supportive results.

That’s all fine and good but what does it mean to you?  The basic premise of the entanglement is that something got entangled or connected in the first place.  Take a set of twins, it is well known that they have an uncanny ability to intuit what is occurring with their counterpart.  

You may not be a twin but you too have entanglement with other people.  Amazingly, this communication set up is invisible to our eyes and therefore, we do not realize it or believe it is possible.  Distant healing practices, such as Reiki, rely on this entanglement.

Most healers are not aware that this entanglement is a level the healing energies have traveled by.  And, dare I say, at a speed faster than light.  Einstein certainly would not have liked that statement!  That Reiki healer also did not need to even be around their client to have created the entanglement.  Is it possible that we are all connected, after all, we all have a level of entanglement?

in regards to the theory of entanglement, it also gives insight into how we can pick up on another person’s thoughts and emotions.  And, for those in the energy healing arts how you pick up on the pains of other people.  In the quantum realm delves into the exceedingly micro world that illuminates how connected we are.  

If we take entanglement as true, and it seems it is, then how can we not take on other people’s stuff, thoughts, emotions and etc? well, the answer seems to lie in the statement to “Know thyself.”  Know who you are and that is the most grounding thing you can do, otherwise, you are like a boat on a very rough ocean being tossed about.

We live in fascinating times and the quantum sciences are giving us new information, it seems almost daily.  What is truly amazing is that these new discoveries are doing three big things.  First, is it is changing our world quickly.  Second, some aspects seem to show we had actually regressed for a time, as there is some ancient medicine that we are now rediscovering.  Thirdly, but not least by any means, we now have science exploring consciousness on deep levels.   Simply, amazing!


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5 thoughts on “You and Quantum Entanglement

  1. Thank you for this. First , I think it would be interesting for you to know that I found your blog through Quora, where someone had posted a question about quantum entanglement and your blog post was linked as an example of what is not true about quantum entanglement and what they referred to as quackery.

    However, I was meditating about this overwhelming connection that I have with a few of my close friends that are going through something very traumatic right now. Through my meditation I asked for a release from my energies and their’s. I then felt an immediate shift and I asked to be shown what just happened. I very clearly heard quantum entanglement. I had no idea what this meant…….which often happens when I receive intuitive information. So I quickly researched it. What you wrote is exactly what I feel is true. As an Intuitive I experience this all the time. A profound deep connection to the people that I work with and I also feel like I get stuck in this energy. What you said about “Know thyself” is exactly the information I have been receiving as well. It was the confirmation I needed today.

    As for all of you scientist’s out there that are only operating with your left brain, try meditating and accessing your right brain more. Because there are things happening that you cannot prove with facts or theories. But you can experience it first hand, if you open your mind to it and move out of your head and into the quantum space that is within you.

    Thank you again!

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