Eating for Improved Immunity (HD)(CC)

Numerous modern health studies have proven that the best way to improve your immune system response and overall health is to eat a high nutrient diet.


The Importance of Eating Raw Produce 0:44

The Vitamins 2:20

Vitamin C 2:24

-Best Vitamin C Sources 3:29

How much do we need? 4:06

Vitamin E 4:30
-Best Vitamin E Sources 5:27

How much do we need? 5:43

Beta Carotene 5:55
-Best Beta Carotene Sources 7:05

How much do we need? 7:27
The Flavonoids 7:55

Quercetin 8:51
-Best Quercetin Sources 10:07

Luteolin 10:26
-Best Luteolin Sources 12:38
The Minerals 13:37

Selenium 13:40
-Best Selenium Sources 14:22

How much do we need? 14:56

Zinc 15:07
-Best Zinc Sources 17:04

How much do we need? 17:30
Eating Well Can Save You Money 17:52

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