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Quantum Science of Holistic Therapies

Quantum Science of Holistic Therapies_vitruvian man chakras
The Vitruvian Man Chakras, courtesy of The Reiki Refuge

We live in an amazing time where science, particularly the quantum sciences are exploring the microscopic aspect of our world. The quantum science revelations reveal that our universe which includes space, the Earth, us, our cells and well let’s just sum it up as everything, is not as it had seemed when based on our physical observations.  Often we thought what I see is what it is. Now, thanks to technology we can delve deeper into the universe and it’s mysteries what we see is only a manifestation of energy.

Many people think that the success of holistic therapies is a mystery, some believe they don’t work at all.  For example, Reiki is an energy healing modality that is facilitated by the practitioner being a channel for the transference of energy from the Universal source to the patient/client.  Since we cannot see energy the notion that Reiki actually works has been controversial.  Finally, there is mounting research, mainly from quantum sciences, supporting the efficacy of Reiki.

I have been a Reiki Master practitioner for twenty plus years now and for the majority of those years, scientific research was non-existent. Reiki was not the only holistic therapy to suffer that plight, we can include so many others including; Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, etc.

Isn’t it odd that Chiropractic and Acupuncture were in the same boat as Reiki?  It is true, but the stigma around those therapies has relinquished quite a bit due to modern medicine being a bit more accepting of them.  However, the prolonged difficulty is that the effects of the holistic therapies actually occur on a subtle energy level first which is often undetectable with most medical measuring devices/equipment.  These measure the energy after it has been manifested into a more tangible physical form.  

As we know, you cannot actually see energy, therefore the old adage applied, if you can’t see it it must not exist, this, of course, is quite problematic.  Can you imagine if we could actually “see” the energy and that may give us the opportunity to change the manifestation of energy that may become cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), influenza, etc? Thankfully the quantum sciences are at that level of subtle energy exploration and are discovering the true nature of disease, health, and wellness.

One such pioneer was Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, Biophysicist.  Popp gave us a true glimpse into that subtle world of energy with the discovery of Biophotons.  In his study of biophotons, Popp was also able to observe that disease and health have different algorithms.

Who knew that math would be part of the equation for our own well-being!  These biophotons are light and light gives two important things, essential to all life, energy, and information. The finding of these biophotons has been a great aid in showing and logically expressing how holistic therapies work on an infinitesimal level, not to mention the process of manifestation of energy either to a state of health or disease.

It is truly fascinating and in future articles, I will be sharing with you further information biophotons and the quantum sciences in regards to holistic practices.

I have a question to ask of you;  what would you like to know about quantum science in relation to holistic therapies?  I would value your input as it will help guide my articles to include your interests.  I would appreciate your comments on this and all my articles so please forward that and your reply to my aforementioned question to and visit my website:  The Nexus Point.

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