PMS Fighting Foods

Updated version. The old version is set to Private due to copyright issues.

Published on September 8, 2011

If the pain and emotional turmoil surrounding PMS is making your life less pleasurable, nutrition is a natural and effective means of combating “the curse”.

Read the original article ‘PMS Fighting Foods‘ and compare.


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    1. Sorry about that. A claim was filed against that video on YouTube, by a record company, because of the background music I used. I just checked and the United States, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand are all blocked, as a result. I was not aware that the video couldn’t be seen in the United States. I haven’t watched it in years.

      I will definitely remake that video at some point in the near future, but in the meantime you can read the article it is based on here: , on the old HH&L blog. I will be updating that article on this blog in the near future as well. Thank you, for letting me know! 🙂

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