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Toxic Skin Care Items You May Not Know About

Toxic Skin Care Items You May Not Know About_Sunscreens with benzophenone

You may not realize it, but some of the products you think are helping your skin could actually be doing serious damage. Because excessive chemical exposure can have a negative impact on your skin’s appearance and health, it’s vital for you to think carefully about the ingredients found in your everyday products. Even applying sunscreen or makeup could increase your exposure to toxins.

Consider these examples:

Sunscreen: Protecting against Sun Damage or Creating Health Problems?

Sun protection is good, but exposure to certain common sunscreen ingredients is not. Check the bottle of sunscreen you’re using. Does it contain benzophenone? If so, it might be a good idea to swap it out. Benzophenone is a chemical that’s been linked to cellular damage and even cancer.

Cosmetics: Beautifying Your Appearance or Causing More Breakouts?

Anyone who’s dealt with acne understands the desire to cover it up. But if you’re choosing makeup made with certain toxic oils or waxes, you could be exacerbating the problem by further clogging your pores. Whatever your skin’s condition, you should be aware that ingredients in your makeup could also pose other potentially serious health risks.

In fact, any time you’re using chemicals on your skin, there is potential risk. That’s why it’s so important to know how to evaluate the products you’re using. See the attached resource to learn about the dangerous toxins that may be lurking in other personal care products. In it, you’ll find five more surprising items that can be harmful to your skin. Maybe now is a good time to refresh your beauty and cleaning routines with more healthful choices.

7 Surprising Items That Are Toxic To Your Skin from the Lapiel Laser Center
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