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Natural Cures for IBS (video)

Originally Published on September 12, 2011

IBS is a perfect example of how dis-ease that Western medicine has failed to cure can be eliminated by treating the whole person — the mind, body, and spirit. This episode explains how IBS can be cured, not just treated, through holistic health and living.

For more information on natural treatments for IBS, read Antibiotics and IBS. You can also find articles using site search.

Music “Hope” (remixed) by Deimost, from the album “Space Sadness” (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

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2 thoughts on “Natural Cures for IBS (video)

  1. I think sometimes stress worsens symptoms and sometimes symptoms worsen stress, but the combination of the two is very important. I hope you have a youtube channel so I can subscribe to your channel. Thank you for sharing.

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